Our current guarantee conditions always apply for the processing of services provided under guarantee.

Bosch Manufacturer’s Guarantee

(Applicable from 01.01.2010)

CST/berger is a brand belonging to Robert Bosch GmbH. All CST/berger measuring instruments are carefully checked, tested and are subject to the stringent controls of Bosch Quality Assurance. Bosch therefore offers a guarantee for CST/berger measuring instruments. Your warranty claim based on your sales contract with the retailer, including your statutory rights, shall not be affected by this guarantee. We offer a guarantee for these measuring instruments in accordance with the following conditions:

1. Our guarantee in accordance with the following provisions (nos. 2 – 7) provides for the correction of deficiencies to the measuring instrument, at no charge, if it can be verified to the satisfaction of the Bosch Service Centre that the deficiencies were caused by a material or manufacturing fault within the guarantee period.

2. The guarantee period is 12 months for line and point lasers and 24 months for other laser instruments, measuring wheels, magnetic locators and optical measuring and levelling instruments. The guarantee period begins from the time the instrument is purchased from new. The starting date is the date on the original sales receipt.

3. The guarantee does not cover:

  • Components that are subject to natural wear and tear caused by use in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • Defects in the measuring instrument caused by non-compliance with the operating instructions, improper use, abnormal environmental conditions, inappropriate operating conditions, overload or insufficient servicing or maintenance.
  • Defects in the measuring instrument caused by using accessories, components or spare parts other than original Bosch parts.
  • Measuring instruments to which changes or additions have been made.
  • Slight deviations from the specified quality that do not affect the value and functionality of the measuring instrument.

4. Defects recognised by us as being covered by the guarantee shall be corrected either by means of repair of the faulty measuring instrument free of charge or by replacement with a measuring instrument in perfect working order (this may possibly be a later model). Retained measuring instruments for which a replacement has been provided shall become our property.

5. The guarantee claim must be lodged within the guarantee period. This requires the submission or sending of the complete measuring instrument in question with the original sales receipt, which must indicate the purchase date and the product designation, to the retailer or to one of the Authorised Service Centres named in the Operating Instructions. Partially or completely disassembled measuring instruments cannot be submitted or forwarded in the case of a guarantee claim. If you elect to send the measuring instrument to a retailer or to an Authorised Service Centre, you shall bear the costs of transport and shall carry the transport risk.

6. Claims other than the right to correction of faults in the measuring instrument named in these guarantee conditions are not covered by our guarantee.

7. Services provided under guarantee do not lengthen or renew the guarantee period for the measuring instrument.

The above guarantees apply to measuring instruments that are bought and used in Europe. German law shall apply to this guarantee to the exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) in so far as this is permitted by national legislation.



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