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Innovative and experienced in surveying technologyCST/berger is a world-famous brand

  • Leading supplier of instruments for levelling work and surveying
  • Full-range supplier with a comprehensive range of accessories for surveying technology
  • CST/berger has been part of the Measuring Technology business unit of Bosch since 2008
  • The Bosch sales organisation will distribute the products of CST/berger from September 1, 2009 onwards.

The CST/berger brand is associated worldwide with great expertise in the levelling instruments sector. The innovative line and rotation lasers for levelling work, the optical levels and theodolites, the total stations and the magnetic locators are used on construction sites and in land surveying projects on all continents. The comprehensive range of accessories, including tripods, staffs and prisms through to measuring wheels, assists surveyors all over the world with their work.

The founding of CST/berger can be traced back to Christian Louis Berger, who was born in 1842 in Stuttgart, Germany. Berger emigrated to the USA in 1866 where he founded a company to manufacture technical instruments, which later became C.L. Berger & Sons in Roxbury, Massachusetts. One indication of the quality of this company’s products is the fact that its instruments have been used in significant projects such as the construction of the Panama Canal, the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Hoover Dam on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada. In 1995, C.L. Berger & Sons merged with Chicago Steel Tape (CST) to form CST/berger. In 2004, CST/berger became part of The Stanley Works, USA.

In 2008, Bosch acquired the measuring technology business of The Stanley Works. As a result of this, CST/berger became part of the Measuring Technology business unit of Bosch Power Tools. With this acquisition, Bosch considerably strengthened its position in the measuring tools sector because the product range and distribution strength of CST/berger and Bosch complement each other perfectly. CST/berger contributes its outstanding expertise in levelling instruments, its product range for surveying equipment dealers, and the high profile of its brand in the USA. The main strengths of Bosch Measuring Technology are its leading products for laser rangefinding and its detectors. The Bosch brand has a particularly strong presence in Europe and Asia. Its wide range comprises a total of roughly 300 measuring tools and about 700 system products, and is strictly oriented around user benefit. The Bosch sales organisation will exclusively distribute the product range of CST/berger from September 1, 2009 onwards. The high standards of the Bosch brand with regard to product quality, delivery and after-sales services will therefore be applied to CST/berger products.

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